Hannan Azlan is Malaysia’s Comedy Princess where she is known to be a trailblazer with an unprecedented track record.

She is an actor, writer, singer-songwriter and musical improviser most known for her stand-up with original songs.

Some of Princess Hannan’s flex:

  • TV credits include Comedy Central Asia, MTV Asia, Astro, and ABC (Australia)
  • Youngest Winner of the Hong Kong International Comedy Festival
  • Sponsored by the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018
  • Sponsored by the Singapore Comedy Fringe 2016
  • Performed internationally across Asia, Australia, “Great” Britain, and Europe
  • Opened for Ronny Chieng

Starting out with straight stand-up, Princess Hannan very quickly incorporated original songs and music in her sets. This alternative element cemented Princess Hannan’s professional career in comedy, catapulting her into the spotlight all in her first year – Pro Show 3 weeks in; TV credit 4 months in; Sponsorship by an international festival 6 months in; and crowned as the youngest winner of the Hong Kong International Comedy Festival just one year after her first open mic, with the prize of a USA tour including Gotham NYC and Laugh Factory LA.

To describe Princess Hannan’s current “style” or “genre” is tricky. She’s naughty but nice. Her goal for every show is to be please the audience, which unfolds in a variety of formats: She has experimented with straight stand-up, solo improvisation, musical comedy, physical/dance comedy, freestyle rapping/prose and lyrical improvisation. Her presence is electric.

Princess Hannan’s act is constantly evolving and versatile in order to cater to the cultural nuances of the audience in the room in any given country, but what can be guaranteed is a lot of love and a f##kin party. ❤

Hannan has a background in theatre and childhood depression.


Nominee Women of the Future Awards Southeast Asia 2018

Winner Hong Kong International Comedy Festival 2016

Winner Audience Choice Award SHORT+SWEET Kuala Lumpur 2015

1st Runner-Up School Idol 2003


Astro Gelak Gempak 2020

Comedy Central Asia Stand Up Asia! 2019

ABC Australia Comedy Up Late 2018

Comedy Central Asia Vidiots 2017

MTV Asia The MTV Show 2017

Astro Komediri with Douglas Lim 2016